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Executive Boards

The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, General Treasurer and Deputy General Treasurer, or referred to as the core team of the organization, are those who play the main role and have responsibility for designing, managing and implementing the programs and daily activities of the association. They are assisted by various other administrators such as Department Heads and Country Delegates to design and achieve the work programs together.

The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and General Secretary are elected by all members in a Collective Conference, to manage the organization for a three year period. In the process of selecting management candidates, the first person with the most votes is elected to the position of Chair, the second most votes as Vice Chair and the third most votes as Secretary General. Furthermore, the elected Chair, Vice Chair and General Secretary can elect the General Treasurer, Deputy General Treasurer and Deputy General Secretary together to assist in managing the organization.

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Rizal Tirta


    Rizal Tirta started his career in 2002 until now as an IT Developer and Consultant for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SAP Software in Germany after completing his studies in the country.

    Since college until now, Rizal has actively served in various church communities both in Indonesian and German communities.

    Rizal's involvement with Indonesian Social Politics began and was inspired by the emergence of two great figures in Indonesia, namely Joko Widodo and Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, who then encouraged his intention to contribute more and significantly to Indonesia's progress.

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    Andi Tinellung

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    General Secretary

    Having been an event organizer in Jakarta and directing the Indonesian Arts and Culture Night event in Germany, Andi currently works at a diplomatic representative office in Germany.

    Andi, who has studied in the field of informatics and multimedia management and holds a Diploma in E-Commerce and a Bachelor of Economics in Management, is a content creator and social media activist. Andi is also a contributor to one of the largest Indonesian television media for the German region.

    Since junior high school until now, Andi has been fond of and active in organizations, both social and religious organizations. Having artistic talent, especially music, has made him active in various arts, cultural and talent search events, both in Indonesia and Germany. Exercising is something he has to do regularly. Jogging and badminton are his hobbies to keep his body fit.

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    Ida Kircher

      Deputy General Secretary 

      Ida Kircher was born in December 1966 and grew up in a Betawi family. She was majoree in psychology and graduated from Padjadjaran University, Bandung.

      Before moving to Germany in 2003, she worked as Human Resources Development at several companies in Jakarta. From 1997 to 2003, she worked at a company that produces Reebok shoes (6000 employees) as HRD Manager.

      Since 2003 she has moved to Germany. In Germany, she works as an administrator in a company until now.

      Since the last 12 years, she has been a member of several animal welfare associations, and was active as treasurer in one of those associations for a year.

      Since 2021, she has been actively involved in the Cakra Buana Dance group (in Kassel-Germany) which has the mission of "introducing Indonesian culture in Germany in particularly and in Europe in general".

      Period 2023 - 2024 she holds the position of head of the Cakra Buana Dance group.

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      Anna Boesch

        Deputy General Treasurer

        Anna Boesch, whose full name is Justriana Pardewi Boesch, was raised in a Javanese family with military training from her father. Graduated from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia and then moved to Switzerland in 1998.

        Living in the country which is famous for its mountains, makes Anna Boesch like hiking. She also enjoys being involved in social, cultural and religious activities.

        Apart from being a housewife, Anna also works part time at a retail company in Zurich, Switzerland.

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        Sakaria Wielgosz

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        Vice Chairwoman

        Starting her career at Citibank, Jakarta, and having also worked in oil and gas company at Chevron, Sakaria Wielgosz currently works as Managing Director in a private company engaged in energy and infrastructure investment, operates in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia. 

        Saka attained her Bachelor Degree in International Relations in Jakarta and achieved  magna cum laude award. She attained her double master degrees in Jakarta through the American Chamber scholarship program in the field of Management and received an honor appointment as valedictorian. She then continued to take another Master program in Switzerland majored in Business Administrative.

        Throughout her life, Saka has always been involved in various activities, especially in the social and humanitarian fields. She involved in the International Culture Festival in Jakarta. She was elected as a delegation to take part in the Java Overland Varsities English Debate. Since 2012, she has taken a part of the foster parents program for abandoned children born with HIV/AIDS, and has also many times volunteered to help victims of natural disasters.

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        Bambang Ponco

          Deputy General Secretary 

          With his nature lover activity backgrounds and as a student at UGM Yogyakarta, in 1999, Bambang started a professional career at a small NGO in Ubud, Bali with a focus on developing Permaculture or permanent agriculture. The concept of household-scale agriculture that is in harmony with nature and sustainable. This includes creating a household waste management model and a campaign to reduce plastic use. 

          Then he was called to help the Catholic Relief Service handle the recovery of agricultural land after the tsunami in Aceh in 2005. He then had actively involved in the disaster and emergency response sector until 2009 with posts in various places in Indonesia with IOM Indonesia. 

          While living in Aden - Yemen, he received a call from the state to help test the concept of preventing corruption by the Corruption Eradication Committee in two regional governments, South Sulawesi and North Sulawesi. An effort to uphold good governance in the country that was not very easy. 

          In 2013, he decided to move to the Netherlands and work part time for Friends of the Earth, an advocacy office and study of environmental issues in various places in the world. 


          Bambang is currently active in the hospitality field in Amsterdam.

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          Yenny Chandrawati

            General Treasurer

            With experience in Indonesia as sales and marketing staff at an official showroom in Surabaya, Yenny continued her career after moving to Germany as a marketing officer at a franchising company in the bakery sector for two years and in the following three years was given the position of Branch Manager. 

            In 2011, Yenny decided to start a business with a partner in the Fitness Branch sector, and until now has succeeded in having three other branches. Yenny is responsible for personnel, administration and purchasing. 

            Being part of a social community is one of the activities that is also a priority in between busy work and taking care of the household. Apart from being active in a mass organizations and a political party, Yenny is also one of the founders and is also active as an artist in the "Cakra Buana" dance group.

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