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Department of Environment and Renewable Energy 

This department has the task of planning and executing the programs focusing on environmental protection and new and renewable energy, including in the field of pollution control and environmental damage. One of its main activities includes preparing recommendations for the formulation of environmental maintenance policies and collaborating with both the government and the private sector to provide understanding and education regarding the environment and new renewable energy. One of PERINMA's main focuses is to play a role and be involved in achieving the 2045 Gold Indonesia target.

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Husni Suwandhi

Head of Department of Environment and Renewable Energy

Husni Suwandhi is an Indonesian who has lived in Germany since he was in college. Currently he is an activist in the field of environment and new renewable energy. Husni started his career by working in a consulting firm as a construction staff. He has also worked at Porsche as Team Representative regarding road construction for the test JOIN for Mazda and Porsche in Germany. His last career was as Team Head at the Mercedes Benz company and was in charge of building factories especially outside Germany, including Indonesia. As a civil engineer, he has also been involved in planning the development of the city of Frankfurt regarding the "traffic-calmed" zone project, as well planning the S-Bahn (LRT/MRT) under the Main river.

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