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Board of Trustees and Dispute Resolution (MPPS)

MPPS is the Board of Trustees and Dispute Resolution. MPPS management consists of a Chair, Secretary, and Members. The chairman of the MPPS is elected at the Collective Conference based on the most votes obtained from the members.

MPPS has scope of work and authority to:


Provide guidance and supervision to organization boards in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.


Has the authority to supervise and provide an assessment of the implementation of the organization’s performance based on the applicable regulations.


Provide advice to the board whether requested or not.


As a mediation to resolve problems and disputes that occur within the organization, by prioritizing justice, equality and peace.


Assist and provide final decision to resolve problems faced by organization both internally and externally whether requested or not, which must be carried out by all boards.

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Sofana Plant

Head of Trustee and Conflict Resolution

Sofana Dwi Kunfayani has been living in the Netherlands, has been married to a Dutchman for almost 40 years and is blessed with a daughter. 


From 1986 to 2003, she worked at AbnAmro Bank Head Office in Amsterdam. Since 2004, she has been working as an entrepreneur in the health sector and owns a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. This profession gives her great joy, because it allows her to aid people in regard to health and beauty. In addition, she also works as a Feng Shui master to complete her expertise in health and harmonious life.

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Philipp A. Sadeli

Secretary of Trustee and Conflict Resolution

Philipp A. Sadeli has been living in Germany since his college year. He earned his master degree in field of mechanical construction. He started his career as Construction Engineer of Offshore Drilling Rigs, Tunnel-bore, Quality Control & Packaging Automation, and Waste Incinerator. Philipp continued his career as Project Processing Manager, then promoted to a Chief Manager. His last position was as a Junior CEO until his retirement.

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Shinta R. Dewi

Member of Trustee and Conflict Resolution

Sinta R. Dewi currently resides in Germany and works as an advisor on social issues and gender equality for the United Nations and bilateral agencies in several countries. For the past three years, Sinta has also been involved in social protection projects for the Indonesian government. In addition, Sinta also works as a voluntary psychological counselor.


Apart from PERINMA, Sinta is also active as a coordinator for UGM Psychology alumni in Europe and she is also the Deputy Chairperson of the UGM Alumni Family in Germany.

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Nur Pamungkas Manirjo

Member of Trustee and Conflict Resolution

Nur Pamungkas Manirjo was born in Jakarta, March 1971. His education background majored in Automotive Engineering and received his Diploma in Engineering from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. He had an internship in Airbus Commercial Aircraft, in Department of Quality Assurance A380. 

He then started his professional career as Design Engineer in Secondary Structure A380 Program at a contractor company for a year before he finally joined Airbus Operation GmbH and has been working in the company for more than a decade as a Design Engineer.


Rusdin Sumbajak

Member of Trustee and Conflict Resolution


Siti Alwania Forssen

Member of Trustee and Conflict Resolution

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