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Department of Law, Politics and Legislation

PERINMA is an independent civil society organization that is not affiliated with any political party and has the function of advocating public policy. This department has the role of designing and providing input regarding law, politics and legislation, especially those concerning the interests of the Indonesians diaspora in Europe. In addition, the Department also organizes educational and outreach programs to increase diaspora insight, knowledge, awareness and concern regarding political, legal and social issues.

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Arief Imanuwarta

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Head of Department of Law, Politics and Legislation

Arief Imanuwarta was born in Madiun then moved to Surabaya at the age of two months. He underwent kindergarten, elementary and middle school education up to grade one then moved to Jakarta.

In Jakarta, he studied at SMP 13, SMAK Pangudi Luhur, SMAK 3 Teladan and FT-UI. He involved himself in organizations and politics during high school and college time. He was assigned as Secretary II GSNI Kebayoran Baru (PNI Student Organization)


Arief also involved in developing the Shorinji Kempo martial arts sport in Indonesia by participating in opening Perkemi branches in several cities in Indonesia.

In 1973, Arief decided to continue his study at TU Kaiserslautern, even though at that time he also received a scholarship from Boston University. He graduated in year 1979 and obtained his degree in Diplom. Engineering. Arief then worked at IBM Research and Development GmbH. From 1983 until 2021, Arief managed Rotlint-Cafe in Frankfurt.

In  1974, Arief was trusted as Chairman II PPI organization in Germany and in 1976 as Chairman of Aviation in PPI Headquarter.

During the 2019 presidential/ legislative elections, Arief was trusted by the founder of GWJ (Wadyabala Jokowi Movement) to establish a GWJ representative in Germany. He also introduced GWJ in the Netherlands and also in several countries in Europe.

Since 2015, Arief was given the trust by the PDI-Perjuangan Headquarter (Indonesia political party) to officially establish the PDI-Perjuangan Foreign Representative Council (DPLN) in Germany. He then elected as Chair for the period of 2015-2019. In collaboration with GWJ and ETJ (Eropa Tetap Jokowi), the election 2019 resulted that Mr. Ir. Joko Widodo as the 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Council of German PDI Perjuangan DPLN re-elected Arief as Chairman for period of 2019 - 2024. Since July 2022, Arief has been assigned by the Indonesian news agency as Head of Representation in Europe.

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