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Clean Water Project

Currently PERINMA is working with various partners to build and provide clean water at various points in Indonesia, especially in eastern Indonesia.


Internet Goes to Schools in Villages

The provision of an internet network can improve the quality and quantity of education by providing direct access to information available from all over the world.


Stunting Prevention

In order to support government programs related to stunting prevention, PERINMA held a program to provide supplements and vitamins to fifty pregnant women during their pregnancy in Ende Regency and its surroundings



PERINMA believes education is one of the most important things for the progress of Indonesia. Therefore, PERINMA held a scholarships program for high school and university level students who excel in the year 2023.


Indonesian Culture Promotion

On its second anniversary, PERINMA held an Indonesian cultural performance with the theme: The Shining Emerald of the Equator, which was the result of collaboration with the Indonesian Consulate General in Frankfurt and supported by the City Government of Kassel, Germany.

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