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Department of Education and Sport

One of the main focuses of PERINMA's activities is to provide training to members to improve skills, including technical skills (hard skills) and/or non-technical skills (soft skills). This department is organizing activities and programs that focus on education and sports for both members and the general public. The existence of PERINMA should serve as a means and place for learning, teaching, and collaborating among fellow members, and must be able to provide benefits in terms of improving the quality of human resources, both for members and the general public.

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Hayati Surjono

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Head of Department of Education and Sport

Hayati Surjono, originally from Jakarta. She graduated from Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, majoring in Management.

After completing college, Hayati started working in the marketing field in Jakarta for almost 8 years at a national food distribution company. When she moved to live in Budapest, Hungary, she decided to start a lodging business for tourists in downtown Budapest from 2016 until now.

Hayati has been with PERINMA since when PERINMA was established in 2020.

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