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Department of Culture and Tourism

Another main focus of PERINMA's activities is promoting Indonesia’s culture and tourism. Culture and tourism play essential roles in introducing Indonesia. PERINMA's cultural and tourism programs are expected to support government programs to introduce Indonesia to the European community, and obviously have the potential to bring foreign exchange income to Indonesia.

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Lili Ruhland

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Head of Department of Culture and Tourism

Lili was born July 12th, 1971, to a well-known Oleg dancer called Gusti Ayu Silo Putu Darning from Jembrana, a regency in the Southwest of Bali, Indonesia. Growing up in an environment that upholds culture and the importance of women's role in the family, she understands the importance of creating a solid support system for women and children. In 1993, she moved to Germany and working as an advisor and educator in a bakery at 38 supermarkets.

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