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Department of Media and Public Relations

At Perinma, our Media and Public Relations department is committed to creating communications strategies that align with our organizational goals and values. We strive to work closely with all departments to ensure that our messages and initiatives are effectively reaching the right audience. Our team is dedicated to crafting compelling press releases, generating media coverage and developing other PR materials - all with the goal of advancing Perinma's overall mission and vision.

Meet The Team

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Tatum Maya

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Head of Department of Media and Public Relation

Tatum is trained in Visual Communication Design and worked for several years for an industry-leading agency in communication strategy in Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2010, she continued her creative journey and moved to Sweden. Art and design have always  been a great importance for Tatum's life as she has done several art exhibitions in Sweden and is still actively involved in art communities both in Indonesia and Sweden. In 2020, Tatum initiated a culture exchange project between Sweden and West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. She was also one of the rooster artists of the Intra-Chromatic “Polyphonic Co-Creation” Intercultural Exchange between Indonesia and Sweden through Intra-art clinic, exhibition and live performance, held in the National Museum of Indonesia, February 2023.

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Griska Gunara Keating

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Department of Media and Public Relation

Griska has an extensive background in Creative Media. She has experiences in Videography, Photography, Photo-Video Editing, and also Voice Over as part of a Production House based in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2015. Producing many professional projects throughout Indonesia. She's an active Reporter for Bisnis Wisata Indonesia - Online Tourism Portal Media. Comissioned in 2015 from The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism to showcase the famous culture of Indonesian Islands. She is now living and carving her teaching life in the UK as a Certified Yoga Teacher from Yogakarta Elite Yoga School-Indonesia.

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