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Organisation Indonesian Europeans For Advanced Indonesia

About Us

Even though we live in Europe, our love for Indonesia will never wear off. PERINMA and its members want to contribute in positive ways for the people of Indonesia and give real shares to support the Indonesian government in its efforts to advance the nation. Our hope is that Indonesia remains a democratic, socially just country, is free from corruption, collusion and nepotism, is environmentally friendly and preserves Pancasila, 1945 Constitution and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

PERINMA is an independent civil society organization that is not affiliated with any political party. PERINMA's goal is to bring together Indonesians living in Europe to establish cooperation, support each other among members, increase awareness and knowledge about Indonesia in Europe as well to support the government's efforts to advance the Republic of Indonesia through various activities covering politics, economics, social, culture, tourism, and many more.

In its activities, PERINMA adheres to 3 main pillars, namely:


PERINMA is ours together. Join hands to provide mutual benefits among members as one big family of Indonesians diaspora throughout Europe. PERINMA as the largest legitimate diaspora organization across Europe must be able to become a place of creativity and exchange knowledge and expertise among members.

From us, by us, for us


Focusing on PERINMA's activities so that they have direct and real impacts on Indonesia and these activities can provide benefits to the people of Indonesia in the medium and long term.

From us to Indonesia


The Indonesian government's supports for the Indonesians diaspora in Europe are always needed, such as ease of processing documents related to consular services, and so on. In addition, PERINMA should be competent to facilitate between Indonesia government and the European private sectors, where PERINMA can act as a liaison to support Indonesia in the economic field, such as supporting Indonesian MSME exports to Europe, or in the field of culture, tourism and more.

From Indonesia for us, for the progress of Indonesia and the Indonesians diaspora in Europe.


As a volunteer group in Europe, PERINMA has a vision of becoming the largest forum to unite the Indonesian diaspora in Europe and shall succeed in making real and consistent contributions to supporting Indonesia's advancement in various fields.

Therefore, PERINMA has the following provinces:


As an instrument in an effort to defend the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.


As a forum to gather people who love and care about Indonesia, both Indonesian citizens and foreign nationals living in Europe.


As a platform for exchanging ideas, having aspirations, being creative, innovating, learning and teaching and working together among fellow members. It is hoped that a spirit of mutual support and developing mutual potential among members will be established.


As a vehicle for carrying out programs and activities aimed at supporting Indonesia's development efforts, in accordance with the capacity and capabilities of the association.


As a strong partner for anyone who has the same views and goals, namely for the achievement of Indonesia's progress.


To carry out its functions, PERINMA has the following initiatives:


Preventing extremism on the basis of religion or political ideology and whatsoever against the Indonesian community wherever they are.


Organising various activities with the aim of strengthening solidarity members and communities in Europe.


Provide training to members to improve skills, including technical skills (hard skills) and/or non-technical skills (soft skills).


Promoting Indonesia in various fields, including social, cultural, economic, industry, technology, and more.


Establish a network of Indonesian experts in Europe covering various fields, as appropriate with the capacity and capability of the organization.

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